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Enhancing Drilling Efficiency: Unveiling the Vital Role of Vacuum Degasser

The performance of drilling fluid directly impacts drilling speed and well quality. In conventional and underbalanced drilling operations, the intrusion of formation gas into the drilling fluid often leads to reduced density and increased viscosity, thereby affecting its fluidity. The vacuum degasser is an effective solution to this issue. The vacuum degasser removes gas from the drilling fluid in a single pass, essentially restoring the fluid's original performance and ensuring smooth drilling operations, which significantly increases drilling speeds. In the following article, we will introduce the vacuum degasser.

What Is a Vacuum Degasser?

A vacuum degasser is a specialized device for treating gas-containing drilling fluids. It is suited to various drilling scenarios and plays a crucial role in restoring mud specific gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity performance, and reducing drilling costs. Additionally, it can serve as a high-power mixer with multiple functions.

The Necessity of a Vacuum Degasser

In drilling operations, the gas carried by the drilling fluid not only affects the mud performance but also represents a safety hazard and impacts the service life of some solid control equipment. Therefore, installing a vacuum degasser to centrally remove gases from the mud is particularly crucial. Especially in underbalanced drilling, stuck drilling can occur when the well is deep, and the use of a vacuum degasser can effectively address the issues of adhesion and stuck drilling caused by the high density of drilling fluid.

Role of a Vacuum Degasser

Field tests have demonstrated that the vacuum degasser excels at addressing gas intrusion problems in oil drilling and special unbalanced drilling operations.

The vacuum degasser separates gassy and non-gassy gases from drilling fluids, restores the relative density and viscosity of the drilling fluid, and is effective, safe, and reliable. The vacuum degasser compensates for the limitations of conventional solid control equipment systems, which can only remove free gases, by effectively eliminating non-free gases that have intruded into the drilling fluid system. Therefore, the vacuum degasser has a high value for field popularization and application and is an indispensable piece of equipment in drilling operations.

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