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Choosing the Ideal Shale Shaker: Installation and Maintenance Tips

When choosing a shale shaker, it is important to select the right model based on the characteristics of the material to be screened. Screening efficiency is closely related to aperture size, screen area and screen type. Therefore, it is important to make an informed decision based on the characteristics of the material and the expected throughput. For example, for materials that are prone to dust generation, it is highly recommended to choose a closed type shale shaker to curb the dispersion of dust.

Standardized Installation

  • When placing the shale shaker, make sure it is in a horizontal state and avoid any deflection or shaking to ensure that the screening effect is not affected. During installation, make sure that the shale shaker is effectively isolated from the surrounding environment, and take corresponding sound insulation measures to prevent the noise from disturbing the surrounding.

  • Reasonable configuration of material trough, material conveying pipeline and other equipment can ensure that the material can flow into the shale shaker smoothly and unimpeded, so as to enhance the screening efficiency.

Careful Maintenance

  • Regularly clean and overhaul the equipment to ensure that the screen mesh remains clean and prevent environmental pollution caused by dust curing. Once the screen mesh is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately, to avoid material leakage from the broken place, affecting the screening effect.

  • Regularly check the shale shaker, and once any abnormalities are found, it should be timely adjusted or replaced. At the same time, regularly check the damping spring and damping pad to ensure that the shale shaker can maintain a normal working condition.

To summarize, we need to pay great attention to the environmental problems during the use of a shale shaker. Through reasonable selection, standardized installation, and careful maintenance, it can not only improve the screening efficiency but also effectively reduce dust pollution, thus protecting the environment and enhancing production efficiency.

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