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Mud Agitator

Mud agitator is a kind of solid control equipment for drilling fluid tank, usually installed on the top of the mud tank, mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, to prevent the solid particles of drilling fluid deposited in the tank circulation system, so that the circulating drilling fluid performance is stable and mixed evenly. The mud agitator for sale is driven by an explosion-proof motor and is connected to a gearbox that drives the blade shaft. The impeller converts mechanical energy into fluid circulation or agitation. Contact our mud agitator china company for more information!

BZJBQ Mud Agitator Features

  • Constructed to handle the harsh oilfield environment, compact structure and small footprint.

  • Reduction gearbox: Helical-bevel design or worm design according to customer requirement.

  • Motor: Explosion-proof electrical motor, and can be the style of horizontal or vertical.

  • Shaft and impeller: Galvanizing treatment brings the excellent anti-rust performance much better than the painting process.

  • High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature.

BZJBQ Mud Agitator Specifications

ModelMotorSpeedImpeller DiameterImpeller (layer)RatioEX StandardWeightDimension L*W*H (mm)
BZJBQ030D3kW (4HP)60RPM (50HZ)
72RPM (60HZ)
650mm125:1ExdIIBt4 / IECEX / ATEX150kg715x560x470
BZJBQ055D5.5kW (7.5HP)850mm1280kg890x700x600
BZJBQ075D7.5kW (10HP)950mm1285kg980x750x605
BZJBQ110D11kW (15HP)1050mm1400kg1130x840x650
BZJBQ150D15kW (20HP)1100mm1425kg1160x840x650
BZJBQ185S18.5kW (25HP)1050mm2750kg1270x1000x730
BZJBQ220S22kW (30HP)1100mm2820kg
The above weights and dimensions do not include mixing shaft and impeller
The length of mixing shaft is customized according to the customer's actual tank depth

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