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  • decanter separator
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  • decanter centrifuge
  • decanter centrifuge machine
  • decanter separator
  • industrial decanter
  • decanter centrifuge
  • decanter centrifuge machine

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th class solid control equipment in whole drilling mud system; It isused to process drilling mud discharged from desilter cones or mud cleaner.

BZLW Decanter Centrifuge Features

  • Bowl Cylindrical and the Conical section made of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 by centrifugal casting. Other parts of the bowl assembly are made of stainless steel 316L.

  • Screw protection: Tungsten Carbide Tiles for longer life and easier replacement.

  • Screw flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port protected by tungsten carbide alloy.

  • Easy to adjust liquid discharge weir height for flexible application.

  • Bowl assembly supported by the tighter belt for the protection of bearing in moving.

  • Pressurized EX Proof VFD control cabinet available.

  • Genuine SKF bearing for longer and reliable operation.

BZLW Decanter Centrifuge Specifications

Tumbler Diameter250mm355mm450mm530mm650mm
Tumbler Length1075mm1250mm1000mm2279mm2795mm
Max Capacity≤5m³/h≤40m³/h≤60m³/h≤70m³/h80m³/h
Max Rotation Speed3800RPM3200RPM2200RPM3500RPM3200RPM
Separation Coeffivetent28352435121536353720
Particle Size2~5μm5~7μm2~5μm
Main Motor Power7.5kW37kW37kW55kW90kW
Helper Motor Power3kW11kW7.5kW15kW22kW
EX StandardExdllBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
RemarkMax capacity is for clean water, Fixed speed and frequency conversion centrifuges are available

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