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Efficiency and Reliability Unveiled: The Desander Desilter's Role in Optimal Mud Treatment

The desander desilter, a state-of-the-art equipment that combines a desander and a desilter, is designed to deeply purify the slurry after treatment with a high-efficiency slurry vibrating screen, ensuring that the solid phase particles are minimized and providing a better preparation of the slurry for the subsequent treatment process.

The Working Principle of the Desander Desilter

The desander desilter can be used either as a stand-alone unit or as a parallel alternative to the primary solids control vibrating screen, flexibly adapting to different drilling operation requirements. During the working process, the desander desilter pumps the mud to the desander, and after careful treatment, the mud flows into the mud silo below the desilter, and then is transported to the desilter for further purification through the mud pump. Finally, the processed slurry passes through the overflow tank and flows into the centrifuge in the next slurry tank to continue its purification journey.

Advantages of the Desander Desilter

Ease of use

The compact design of the desander desilter not only occupies a small footprint, but is also easy to operate. Its core component, the cyclone made of polyurethane material, has excellent durability, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a detachable cyclone holder, which makes it easy for customers to modify it according to their actual needs and easily convert it into a desander or desilter.


The desander desilter is heat-treated to withstand long hours of work under high vibration intensity, ensuring stable and efficient operation in harsh drilling environments. The desander desilter also utilizes a plate frame screen and is equipped with a wedge-type screen compression device, making screen replacement quick and easy and greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

Overall, the desander desilter, with its unique design, excellent performance and easy maintenance features, provides an efficient and reliable mud treatment solution for drilling operations, and is an indispensable assistant for modern drilling projects.

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