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  • chemical dosing machine
  • chemical dosing equipment
  • chemical dosing machine
  • chemical dosing equipment

Chemical Dosing Equipment

Chemical dosing equipment is mainly used for mixing of flocculation, coagulation or deemulsifier.

It works together with dewatering centrifuge to separate the ultra-fine solids from the mud or-waste water, to get clean water for industry applications; or support the separation of waste sludge.

BZJY Chemical Dosing Equipment Features

  • Flocculation for municipal or industrial waste water by Chemical Dosing.

  • Oil Sludge treatment.

  • Flocculation in sludge dewatering process.

  • Petroleum, chemical, metallurgical industry, environmental engineering, water treatment and other fields.

BZJY Chemical Dosing Equipment Specifications

ModelCapacityHopper VolumeMud AgitatorTank MaterialL*W*HWeight
BZJY-15001500L/H55L3x0.75kWSS3042300 x 1100 x 2000mm450kg
BZJY-20002000L/H110L2650 x 1250 x 2250mm510kg
BZJY-25002500L/H110L3000 x 1250 x 2250mm670kg

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