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  • mud mixing hopper
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Mud Mixing Hopper

Mud Mixing Hopper (jet mud mixer) is an drilling solids control supporting equipment, mainly used to configure drilling fluid, change drilling fluid density, viscosity, water loss, etc. The mud hopper for sale with sand pump and pipeline form the jet mixing device, It has more excellent performance if match a shear pump, and also can be designed as double jet mud mixer as clients' requirements.

BZSL Mud Mixing Hopper Features

  • Efficient and reliable performance, easy to move

  • Compact solid control equipment structure, space saving

  • Three layers of heavy duty anticorrosive paint, meet offshore and onshore conditions

  • Carbon steel or stainless steel materials, solid and durable

  • Can withstand high back pressure

BZSL Mud Mixing Hopper Specifications

Pump ModelBZSB8X6-13BZSB6X5-13BZSB5X4-13BZSB4X3-12
Pump Power55kW45kW37kW11kW
Working Pressure0.25 ~ 0.4MPa
Outlet600 x 600mm
Mixing Speed≤100kg/min≤80kg/min≤160kg/min≤40kg/min
Mud Specific Gravity≤2.8g/cm³≤2.4g/cm³≤2.0g/cm³≤2.0g/cm³
Mud Viscosity≤100s≤80s≤60s≤40s
EX StandardExdIlBt4  /IECEX / ATEX
Dimension L*W*H (mm)2200x 1700 x 1200mm2200x 1700 x 1200mm2200 x 1650 x 1100mm2200x 1700 x 1200mm

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