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Hebei BZ Solids Control Co., Ltd.
Solids control equipment is an indispensable part of the oil and gas drilling system, mainly used for purifying and recovering drilling mud, maintaining stable drilling fluid performance, and maintaining the continuity and stability of drilling operations. At the same time, solids control equipment is widely used in the separation and purification of natural resources, drilling waste treatment, environmental protection treatment, sewage purification and other related fields.
Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System
A Shale Shaker is a device used in drilling operations to separate and process solid particles from drilling mud.
Drilling Waste Management System Drilling Waste Management System
A Drilling Waste Management System is a solution used to safely handle, treat, and dispose of waste produced during drilling operations.
Oil Sludge Treatment System Oil Sludge Treatment System
An Oil Sludge Treatment System is a system designed to process and recover valuable materials from oil-based sludge waste.
HDD Mud Recycling System HDD Mud Recycling System
An HDD Mud Recycling System is a system used to clean, recycle, and reuse drilling mud in horizontal directional drilling operations.
CBM & Geothermal Drilling Mud Recycling CBM & Geothermal Drilling Mud Recycling
CBM & Geothermal drilling mud recycling is a process used to clean, reuse, and manage drilling mud in coalbed methane and geothermal drilling operations.
Shield Tunneling & Pile Driving Mud Treatment Shield Tunneling & Pile Driving Mud Treatment
Shield tunneling & Pile driving mud treatment refers to the system for managing and recycling drilling mud used in tunneling and pile driving projects.

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About BZ Solids Control
About BZ Solids Control

About BZ Solids Control

Our Company

Research & development, production, sales, and after-sales service. 

Our aim is to provide high-quality solid control separation equipment and systems to the world. Currently, we have cooperated with clients from multiple countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, UK, Russia, Indonesia, etc. The company is located in Sanhe, Hebei, China. Beijing Airport and Tianjin Xingang are our main shipping ports for export. We work with experienced forwarders ensures that the equipment arrives at customer sites on time and safely.

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Why Choose BZ Solids Control?
  • Quality Control

    We have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, with professional quality inspection equipment and personnel, check on every level to ensuring product quality. Its technology and safety production level comply with relevant international standards.

  • Innovation

    BZ has a strong technical innovation team, always customer-oriented and market-oriented. We continuously improve production technology, improve equipment processes, and make product design more user-friendly, in line with actual on-site working conditions, to improve the true operating efficiency and good operating experience of the equipment.

  • Effective After-Sales Service

    By optimizing the after-sales service process, we solves customer problems in the first time, improves after-sales processing efficiency, reduces customer waiting time, reduce customer maintenance costs and downtime losses.

  • Customized Services

    We not only provide international standard equipment and systems, but also provides customized technical solutions, providing customers with reasonable and intensive treatment plans based on actual working conditions, and providing reasonable suggestions based on customer budgets.

  • Professional Logistics

    Professional logistics delivery solution, BZ collaborates with experienced and strong freight companies to deliver orders faster and safer, whether by sea, rail, truck or multimodal transportation.

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Contact BZ Solids Control Now!
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