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Mud Gun

Mud Gun is mainly used to spray drilling fluid into mud tank under high pressure to avoid solid phase deposition at the corners of mud tank, usually divided into high and low pressure mud gun, the high pressure is feed by drilling pump and the low pressure gun is feed by centrifugal pump. BZ offers multiple models of mud gun with large rotating angles, wear-resistant nozzles, and easy operation.

BZNJQ Mud Gun Features

  • Effective reduction of tank Angle solid deposition

  • Made of robust material that resists wear and corrosion

  • Fixed and 360° rotation type with 2"or 3" diameter.

  • Wear-resistant nozzle is durable and replaceable.

  • Simple design easy for operation.

BZNJQ Mud Gun Specifications

Gun Diameter50mm80mm
Connection Size2inch3inch
Rotation Angle0-360°0-360°
Nozzle Qty(pcs)3
Working Pressure1.0-6.4MPa

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