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  • vacuum drying shale shaker
  • vacuum drying shale shaker

Vacuum Drying Shale Shaker

BZ vacuum drying shale shaker is separating device combined with vacuum suction system. By installing a suction pan under the last screen at the discharge end of the  shaker, the pan connecting to the vacuum pump by hose, a negative pressure pulsating suction is generated to pull additional fluid out of the cuttings as cuttings flow towards the discharge end, generating significantly drier cuttings. The suction frequence of vacuum pump is adjustable to match the mud situation in real-time. BZ adopts unique back blowing technology, reduce the last screen been blocked by long-time suction.

BZ vacuum drying shale shaker solid control equipment can reduce the fluid on the cuttings by an additional 30-50%, increase the amount of drilling fluid recovery, reduce the cost of secondary fluid distribution, reduce the waste quantity and disposal cost, improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the operating cost.

Vacuum Drying Shale Shaker Features&Benefits

  • Compact design for offshore, onshore applications

  • Compatible with OBM, WBM and SBM

  • The suction frequency is adjustable

  • The suction system is fully pneumatic and requires no additional power

  • Blowback technology to reduce final screen clogging

  • Make it possible to use higher mesh screen without fliuds loss.

  • Vaccum suction system can be installed on the customer's existing shale shaker without changing the original design.

  • Maximizes drilling fluid recovery

  • Reduces overall waste discharge

  • Decreases waste transportation and disposal costs

  • Simple operation no additional personnel required

  • Reduces chemical consumption

  • Reduces overall operations costs

Vacuum Drying Shale Shaker Specifications

Vibration ModeLiner Motion
Screen Qty(pcs)34
Screen Size585x1165mm585x1165mm
G Force≤7.5G (Adjustable)
Vibration Amplitude4.5~ 6.0mm
Deck Angle-1°~ +5°
Air Pressure Required0.55KPa-0.69KPa (5.6-7.0kgf/cm²)
Air Capacity Required7.9m³/min
Increase Fluids Recovery30%-50%
EX StandardExdII Bt4 / IECEX / ATEX
Dimension L*W*H (mm)2410x1978x14153004x1978x1415
RemarkVacuum pump is fully pneumatic operated, adjustable suction frequency.

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