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  • Desander
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  • desander cyclone
  • Desander
  • desanding hydrocyclone
  • desander cyclone


Desander is the next step in solids removal after shale shakers, can efficiently remove large drill solids from 45 to 75 micron,  the hydrocyclones made by durable polyurethane to ensure long service life. The bottom cone and discharge assembly are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.a centrifugal pump is required to provide the feeding pressure to hydrocyclones, BZ offer the desander with 8, 10 and 12 inch hydrocyclone and the bottom shale shaker can be configured to increase the separation effect.

BZCS Desander Features

  • Made from high wear resistant polyurethane.

  • High capacity cone engineered to minimize plugging.

  • Removes sand-size solids (45-100 microns).

  • Highly resistant to heat and abrasion.

  • Simple grooved manifold connections.

  • Fast, easy break-down for cleaning.

  • Replaceable bottom cone and discharge assembl.

BZCS Desander Specifications

ModelBZCS200-1SBZCS200-2SBZCS250-1SBZCS250-2SBZCS300- 2SBZCS300- 3S
Capacity (m³/h)60 (220gpm)120 (440gpm)120 (440gpm)240 (880gpm)240 (880gpm)280 (1027gpm)
Hydrocyclone Size8inch8inch10inch10inch12inch12inch
Hydrocyclone Qty(pcs)121223
Working Pressure0.25-0.4MPa
Particle Size45-75μm
Underflow ShakerModelBZS60BZS752
Vibration ModeLiner Motion
Vibrator Motor2x0.5kW2x0.8kW
G Force≤7.5G Adjustable
Deck AngleN/A0~+2°
Screen Area0.68㎡1.35㎡
Screen Panel1pc2pccs
EX StandardExdII Bt4 / IECEX / ATEX
Dimension L*W*H (mm)1510X1160X20001510X1360X22501820X1660X1810

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