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Centrifugal Pump

BZSB series centrifugal pumps are mainly used for solid control circulation system of oil and gas drilling, providing mud supply with appropriate delivery capacity and lift for desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud mixing device, mud pump supplement, etc.. Sizes range from 3 x 2 to 8 x 6, and customers can choose different models according to their needs. BZ centrifugal pumps are all designed with mechanical seals, famous brand bearings and semi-open impeller.

BZSB Centrifugal Pump Features

  • Tungsten carbide mechanical seal

  • SKF or FAG brand bearings.

  • Double row grease lubrication

  • Different casting materials are available

BZSB Centrifugal Pump Specifications

ModelCapacityLiftMotor PowerRotation SpeedImpeller Diameter
BZSB8X6-14320 m³/h (1173 gpm)40m75kW1450RPM (50Hz)14in
BZSB8X6-12350 m³/h (1283 gpm)42m1750RPM (60Hz)12in
BZSB8X6-13280 m³/h (1027 gpm)35m55kW1450RPM (50Hz)13in
BZSB6X5-12200 m³/h (733 gpm)45m1750RPM (60Hz)12in
BZSB6X5-13180 m³/h (660 gpm)35m45kW1450RPM (50Hz)13in
BZSB5X4-14150 m³/h (550 gpm)60m1750RPM (60Hz)14in
BZSB6X5-12160 m³/h (587 gpm)30m37kW1450RPM (50Hz)12in
BZSB5X4-12110 m³/h (403 gpm)45m1750RPM (60Hz)12in
BZSB6X5-11200 m³/h (733 gpm)21m30kW1450RPM (50Hz)11in
BZSB5X4-11110 m³/h (403 gpm)35m1750RPM (60Hz)11in
BZSB5X4-1290 m³/h (330 gpm)30m22kW1450RPM (50Hz)12in
BZSB5X4-10100 m³/h (367 gpm)30m1750RPM (60Hz)10in
BZSB5X4-1190 m³/h (330 gpm)24m18.5kW1450RPM (50Hz)11in
BZSB4X3-1255 m³/h (202 gpm)45m1750RPM (60Hz)12in
BZSB4X3-1350 m³/h (183 gpm)40m15kW1450RPM (50Hz)13in
BZSB4X3-1155 m³/h (202 gpm)35m1750RPM (60Hz)11in
BZSB4X3-1245 m³/h (165 gpm)30m11kW1450RPM (50Hz)12in
BZSB3X2-1228 m³/h (103 gpm)45m1750RPM (60Hz)12in
BZSB3X2-1245 m³/h (165 gpm)24m7.5kW1450RPM (50Hz)12in
BZSB3X2-1125 m³/h (92 gpm)35m1750RPM (60Hz)11in
BZSB3X2-1120 m³/h (73 gpm)23m5.5kW1450RPM (50Hz)11in

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