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BZ Mud Gas Separator Delivery to Sold Overseas

Eleven sets of mud gas separator produced by BZ Solid Control will be sold overseas.Mud gas separator is an important equipment to deal with gas penetration in the drilling process, the mud gas separator of BZ Solids Control is mainly used to separate a large number of free gases in drilling fluid, including toxic gases.


BZ Solids Control can be customized production according to user demand, in general we have fixed, lifting and folding three types. At the same time the selection and use of mud gas separator also need to be carried out according to the specific production environment and needs. The mud gas separator will affect the separation effect according to different types, specifications and performance parameters .Therefore, when choosing a mud gas separator, customers need to make comprehensive considerations according to their own production characteristics and needs, and they will choose the most suitable mud gas separator.BZ Solids Control is the wisest choice to our customers .When our customers encounter any problems we can solve for you in time ,because we have perfect after-sales service.


BZ mud gas separator advantages:

1. Compact structure, small footprint, nice appearance;

2. High-quality material adopted, to ensure the reliability of quality;

3. Selected top quality brands of safety valves and diaphragm pressure gauges, greatly improves the safety and reliability of the equipment in use.


BZ Solid Control is a professional manufacturer of intelligent solid control equipment and complete systems integrating scientific and technological innovation research and development, manufacturing and processing, global marketing, technical service and technical consultation. Besides producing Mud Gas Separator, the company also produces Vacuum suction shale shaker, Mud cleaner, Vacuum solids convey pump, Vertical cuttings dryer, Drilling mud recycling system and other solid control equipment, HDD mud system, river dredging system, etc. Customers are welcome to consult and inspect, we will offer dedicated service to you.