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BZ drilling shale shaker was sold to domestic project site

Recently, The drilling shale shakers produced by BZ Solids Control will be sent to a domestic project site after production, assembly, testing and other processes. As a key equipment in petroleum industry, drilling fluid shale shaker is very essential in ensuring the drilling fluid quality,performance and drilling efficiency.



The drilling shale shakers for sale separate the solid and liquid by high G force.When drilling fluid flows through the screen of shale shaker, the particles on the screen are impacted by high G force,increasing the friction force between the particles, making the particles separate from the drilling fluid easily. At the same time, the vibrating screen is usually designed with a variety of mesh numbers, and different particles are separated by choosing an appropriate mesh number to achieve the purification of drilling fluid.


As one of the solid control companies in China, BZ Solids Control drilling shale shaker has a wide range of applications ,such as Oil drilling solids control systems, Trenchless HDD mud recycling system, CBM mining, piling mud purification, TBM and Bored piling mud cleaning and other fields.

By the screening function of the drilling fluid shale shaker, the large solid particles in the drilling fluid can be effectively removed ,and ensuring the cleanliness and fluidity of the drilling fluid,meanwhile it also provides a strongly guarantee for safe operations.




Advantages :

1. Efficient filtration: Quickly filter out the impurities in the drilling fluid to ensure the  the drilling fluid purity.

2. Stable operation: Keeping work stably in harsh working environmental ,not be affected by external factors.

3. Strong adaptability: Adapt to different types of drilling fluids and working conditions.

4. Easy to operate and maintain: Simple operation and maintenance ,reducing costs and workload.

5. Improve drilling efficiency: reduce downtime ,speed up drilling.




As the key equipment of the drilling fluid shale shaker in solid control system petroleum industry, it is fully believed to play a more important role with the technology continuous  development and advancement ,and make a greater contribution to petroleum industry in the future.About more information of drilling fluid shale shaker, welcome to contact us at any time, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best service!